Fresh Abodes

Fresh Abodes is a different type of interior decorating and design firm.

It all begins with providing customizable services, which allows you to choose exactly what kind of help you may need!

 My intention when working with my clients and their spaces, is to use your vision as well the items you love, to bring out the best in your home spaces.

This is always the place I start from, your vision, and then help you create exactly the feeling you are wanting to achieve,

breathing new life into each home space…

Other times, it can be starting from scratch….

and sometimes you just need a little help!

All design, whether interior or exterior, is not only creating a stunning visual picture, but to also create an amazing feeling, transforming the energy of the space…

Kim Kuhteubl

My design philosophy is this…..

When it comes to creating spaces that make us feel good, everyone’s taste is different. As we are all unique, our experiences are as well. What makes each of us feel good, is equally different.

Pulling everything together to create a space that is balanced and cohesive as well as being a true reflection of the person(s) living there is always the focus of the work I do.

Most of us have items in our homes that we love.  They are memories of our lives as well as pieces collected, that speak to our hearts. There is a way to use these pieces, showcasing them as well incorporating them in a brand new way, and as I say, breath all new life and into your home.

Any space in your home is actually sacred.  This is your home.  This is where you live your life, love, create and bring into existence, your dreams.

This is how I help create spaces that exude beauty, warmth and flow and ultimately become a true reflection of the essence of you…

Know that each and every space can be transformed into something beautiful, something you will love….

Some of my work…

Services Offered

All services are based on an hourly rate, which makes this entirely customizable to meet your needs!

Let me share my expertise in how to choose the best paint colors for you interiors or exteriors!  I can also help you create beautiful accent walls..

Space makeovers are one of the most requested services that I do.  Using the items you already own, I help you create a whole new look to your spaces, giving it a new look and feel, ultimately changing the entire energy of the space!

Using your existing furniture and decor, I can “re-place” your items in a way that gives your room a natural flow that space feel refreshed!

There are simple ways to get your home ready for the market.  The recommendations I suggest are only the ones that I know will make an bigger impact on potential buyers, with the intention of gaining you the best offer possible for your home!

Whether planning a wedding or a party, I can help you create the exact atmosphere you are wanting and help you make it a fabulous event!!

I will work with you to redesign your outdoor areas, whether dining areas or sitting areas to just relax, helping you create areas that are most conducive to your lifestyle!

We don’t just stop at homes!  All design creates a feeling and offices as well as retail spaces are included in that.  Lighting in these areas can be challenging, so let me help you get started in creating a beautiful space!

Shopping for new furniture or decor can be fun and as well as challenging.  I can help you with these choices, by either giving you product recommendations or shopping for you.  Whatever you decide, the new items will be thoughtfully chosen and create that specific beauty and flow you are wanting!

Designing spaces that feel amazing as well as photograph well are the two most important factors in creating a desirable vacation rental.  I can help you create spaces in your vacation rental that will not only do both of these, but attract new clients as well help retain repeating clients!

What clients are saying…..

 Holly is an absolute gem when it comes to interior design – her taste is impeccable, and she has an incredible knack for bringing spaces to life.

~Maura R

 Holly is full of good ideas!  She not only was extremely helpful in our quest for colors, she is just darn fun to work with!

~ Anne – Sonoma

She was fun and easy to work with, and I would highly recommend her!

~Jill, Sonoma

Not only was Holly’s support invaluable, but she is a delight to work with, and clearly loves what she does. I recommend her without reservation!

~ Reann, Sonoma

 She has an amazing eye for design, goes above and beyond for her clients and I will never use anyone else.  The woman is just fantastic!!

~Deanna T.

 I am in awe of how talented Holly is!!  She made the project fun and I learned so much from her.  I decided to hire her for our other home!”

~Jana T.

 Both of my experiences working with her have been delightful. She is so talented!

~ Petaluma Client

“Holly is very creative, professional, great to work with.  She has the vision to create a beautiful home, great ideas and a lifetime of memories.  Great job!  Very impressive!”

~Jimmy C.

” Holly was able to transition my apartment to my own personal sanctuary. Never thought my apartment could look like a home. She made it happen.  I Love it!”

~Clarence F.

“Wonderful experience consulting with Holly for updating our family room. She was prepared, creative and patient listening to our overall needs and concerns.

~Toni T.

“Holly is amazing! Her follow up was top notch!!! I highly recommend Holly for your designer needs. LOVE HER!!!!”

~Tara N.

Questions about what you are looking to do?

Contact me by phone (707) 477-9885 or by below

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