About Holly and Fresh Abodes

My love for beautiful surroundings started when I was very young….a simple focus of making things beautiful.

As I have been doing design work over the years, not only for myself, but for family and friends as well, I realized that many people would like those changes in their own homes, but may need a little help.

This where a passion meets a purpose.

Created in 2022, Fresh Abodes is all about helping others bring out the best in their homes spaces.  I believe the more beauty that we surround ourselves with, it helps to cultivate more beauty and creativity in our lives.  Our environments deeply impact us, whether we choose to believe that or not.  This does not just encompass our homes, but with everything we bring into our lives.

This picture is probably the best reflection of me and how I work.. and the most authentic.   I rock Pumas, not pumps, unless I am working on real estate.  I also stay engaged with my passion for writing, working out and spending time family and friends, especially my daughter, Stephanie and 2 grandchildren, Harlow and Jace, who both want to work with me!

Ultimately, I carry a deep belief that we should all love “where” and “how” we live.  It is extremely vital to our essential happiness and as far as I am concerned, it is simply a non-negotiable.

With that said, I look forward to helping you create beautiful spaces to surround yourself with as well as bring more beauty into your life!

Much love,

Holly Young, Owner of Fresh Abodes

Same backyard in above photo after redesign


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