When it comes to painting both interiors and exteriors, the neutral paint colors are the best place to start.  Neutral colors, whether based in shades of beige, tan or grays, give a beautiful canvas on which to add to, basically meaning for interiors, it would be the decor and for exteriors, it would be the trim and landscape around the home.
The neutrals I have listed below are some of the most popular ones from Benjamin Moore.  Paint colors typically become popular for 2 reasons:  The color works and it also looks beautiful.
So, I have listed 16 of these choices, many of which my clients have used.  They range from light and  dark and encompass beige to tan and grays.  So here we go!

Benjamin Moore’s 16 Best Neutrals


Shown below are my favorites neutrals with Benjamin Moore.  Showing these side by side as well as on a white background,(as these are digital dollops from Benjamin Moore), you gain a bit of perspective of each color..  I also describe further the undertones as well the LRV (Light Reflective Value)


The Lighter Neutrals

These first four are some of the most popular lighter shades of neutrals.  Beginning with Calm (OC-22), which could technically be considered an off-white as well, is the lightest of these neutrals, with a slight hue of light gray/lavender undertones.  With Balboa Mist (1549), we move into a warmer light gray/greige, followed by the iconic and ever popular Revere Pewter (HC-172), which is a perfect blend of warm and cool. With Light Pewter (1464), you are given a lighter shade, but same blend of warm and cool with this greige.



Moving Into The Beige / Tan Range

These neutrals bring a bit more warmth with them, especially being in the tan or beige range.  starting with Natural Linen (966), this has a rustic warmth to it, making it a great selection for many spaces.  Manchester Tan (HC-81) and Tapestry Beige (975) are both very elegant beiges. Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) joins this group with a bit more warmth. All of these beautiful neutrals will add warmth to anywhere they are painted.




The Warmer Grays

As we move into the deeper of the neutrals, we begin with Coventry Gray (HC-169) and Bone Black (CW-715), which both may appear darker in this post, but when painted add a true warmth of gray without being too dark.  Thunder (AF-685) as well as London Fog (1541) use the base of gray with a blend of more warmth.



The Deeper Neutrals

These last 4 choices are the deeper of these neutrals.  When it comes to choosing darker colors for any space or exterior, the rich and deep colors bring a whole new look and feel of warmth.  Beginning with Pashmina (AF-100), this does have both warm and cool undertones and in some spaces will cast a lavender undertone.  Copley Gray (HC-104) has a slight green undertone as does Antique Pewter (966).  The color of Sparrow (AF-720) is one of those mysterious colors that can appear a earthy brown with a hint of olive and does look beautiful in many interiors (I have used this one!)


Last Notes on Neutrals

Benjamin Moore has so very many neutrals to choose from.  The ones that I have chosen are ones that I have either used or my clients have.  My view on neutrals is this, they are the choice when you have a desire to add warmth to a space, which is what they do.  Looking at the first 8 choices, which are the lighter shades of grays and tans, each of these bring a sophistication to the space as well as richly defining the surrounding decor of the room.
The darker neutrals, as I mentioned, bringer a richer ambience to the space and sometimes ultimately transform the area they are placed in.
All of these neutrals also are excellent choices for the exterior of homes.
In choosing any color for a space or the exterior, try a few of these neutrals out on the surface you are considering painting.  Test in different lighting as they will appear differently. These are all a good base from which to work from as well as in combination with my 2 previous blog posts, Best Off-Whites and Best Charcoal / Dark Grays’s, all by Benjamin Moore.
Holly / Fresh Abodes