Benjamin Moore’s Best Neutral Paint Colors

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When it comes to painting both interiors and exteriors, the neutral paint colors are the best place to start.  Neutral colors, whether based in shades of beige, tan or grays, give a beautiful canvas on which to add to, basically meaning for interiors, it would be the decor and for exteriors, it would be the trim and landscape around the home. The neutrals I have listed below are some of the most popular ones from [...]

Benjamin Moore’s Best Off-White Paint Colors

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So Many Shades of White When it comes to painting interiors or exteriors white or let's just say as most paint colors are "a shade of off-white".   Understanding that most shades of off-white all have undertones, and there are many whites to choose from, hopefully the information below will help you better decide which off-whites will work the best for you. Understanding Undertones As most all paint colors have undertones which are the [...]

Benjamin Moore’s 12 Best (Dark Gray) Charcoal Paint Colors

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I have a deep love for the darker colors of paint, especially charcoal or dark grays.  There is substance to a dark color that not only provides a rich backdrop to interiors, but also can dramatically enhance the exteriors of homes.  In 2022, the charcoal colors really began to take hold as more homeowners were taking the leap and trying something daring with their exteriors.  The ladies and brick&batten, did a beautiful job with [...]

The Santa Rosa Charm

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In this issue after a long hiatus, I have added some new featured topics as well.  For the home, it’s about “bringing nature indoors with plants” and how doing “room edits / decluttering” and give your life and spaces a long overdue boost! For inspiration, let’s talk about “Growing what you love” and the “Power of journaling“.  Newly added it’s about growth and change as I write about the three way connection between the “mind, [...]

How To Prepare Your Home To Sell

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Believe it or not, there are a few simple steps that each homeowner can take, to increase the appeal of the home they are wanting to sell. This comes from my experience not only as a real estate agent, but also with my work in design.  When it comes to deciding what to do, remember this...keep it simple and keep it clean! The title says it all, but here are the steps to take to [...]

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors

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As I start this blog post, I should mention that I have not met anyone that hasn't been challenged by trying to decide what colors to paint the outside of their home.  The exterior of our homes and how they appear, makes the biggest statement of the home itself.  Whether it is color of the paint and trim we choose, to the landscaping or in some cases the lack of it, speaks volumes. So as [...]


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