Design Services

The services I provide, encompass everything from paint color recommendations, space planning, room renovations, as well as product recommendations, with the goal to help you create look and feel you are wanting.

For any of these services, I start with a phone consultation to get an idea of what you are looking to do.  This helps me prepare ahead of time, so I can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Keep in mind, all of these services can be tailored to your needs.  The goal is to provide you with excellent service, beautiful results as well as working within your budget.

Several of the services are done as in home consultations and are always followed up with a detailed report of recommendations.

Room Redesigns

Room designs/redesigns are one of the quickest ways to change up your spaces.

Ranging from moving furniture, switching out decor or even recommending a new color scheme, the overall goal is to alter the area to a space that is beautifully enhanced and ultimately flows with rest of your home.

This service is one of the most enjoyable, not just for me, but for you getting to watch your home spaces be transformed!

Paint Color Recommendations

Choosing paint colors, whether it be for your interiors or exteriors can prove to be challenging as most all colors have undertones, making them appear different depending on the lighting.

I am a certified color consultant and understand all aspects of paint as well as how to capture the exact look you are wanting.

No matter whether it is a nuance of color or a bold statement of design you are wanting to capture, I can help you choose colors that will make your spaces come to life!

In Home Consultation

This service is one of the most popular, as many clients just would like to just get some inspiring ideas and suggestions for changes they can make to their home. Other times, they have decided on what they are thinking about and would just like to run it by someone else.

As that is the basis of this business, which is to help each client achieve exactly the look and feel they would like in their home.  This service is one of the easiest to use exactly for that purpose!

Preparing to Sell Your Home

My work as a listing agent in the past along with doing design work, I know the most important aspects of a home to enhance that will attract buyers and capture you the best price for your home.

Starting from the curb appeal to the way the home translates when buyers walk in, is the premise from which I work from.  Budget is always crucial and the only recommendations made will be the ones that count.

Exterior Design / Layout

Creating beautiful spaces outdoors is equally as important as the interiors of our homes.

From designing a beautiful sitting area or a space for dining, no matter the size of the areas, there is always a way to create a beautiful sanctuary or a gorgeous space for entertaining.  From the layout to decor, we will transform your outdoor spaces!

Exterior Paint

Deciding to repaint the exterior of your home is a big undertaking and you definitely want to have the best colors chosen to make this beautiful change.

Having a good understanding of the different types of architecture as well as house sidings all greatly contribute to being able to choose the best colors for your home that will be timeless!

Furniture / Design Layout

Furniture layout as well as decor has a big impact on each room.  It is not just the placement and positioning of the furniture, but creating an overall balance and seamless flow to the area.

Once this is done, the decor added should enhance the space beautifully!

Product Recommendations

Knowing what will look best in your spaces to capture the look you are wanting requires a knowing where to get the best products that will best help create the spaces.

From furniture to all decor, I can help you bring all of these aspects together beautifully!

Venue Design / Decor Ideas

When creating an unforgettable event, whether it be for a wedding or another special occasion, the design and the layout makes the first impression.  It also sets the stage for the ambience of the gathering. From the table settings, to the lighting and decor of the surroundings, all of this plays an enormous part in the overall feel of the event.

With the ability to be creative as well as maintain a budget, we can help you create a beautiful and memorable event!

Office Interiors

The interiors of our workspaces can play a big part in our productivity.

Having the feeling of spaciousness allows for creativity.  Creating balance throughout also provides for a very conducive work environment.

Everything from the colors, to the layout and other elements, we can  help you create a beautiful design that anyone would want to work in!

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals continue to grow in popularity.  Setting up the home for a luxurious experience that people will enjoy is the first step in gaining those 5 star reviews.

Creating a stunning home, that not only photographs beautifully but is equally luxurious to stay in, is one of the best ways to cultivate a vacation rental that people want to return to!

Helping you bring beauty and flow to the spaces you want to create….