Welcome to the “The Santa Rosa Charm”, a monthly newsletter that was originally created in February of 2021. During that time, it was challenging to make new connections with others.  Since I had been an avid door knocker for real estate, I needed to come up with something new during this time. A way to connect with others.

I looked at what I enjoyed receiving, what made me smile or changed the way I saw things.  My favorite magazine is “Magnolia” by Chip and Joanna Gaines. What I love best about this magazine is that it is created to speak to the reader.  Loaded with many beautiful design ideas and recipes, the writing of articles are equally as thoughtful and always beautifully timed.

So using that as MY inspiration as well as my love for writing, I created this newsletter, which hopefully will grow to inspire even more people and is now being featured under my design business, Fresh Abodes.

Much love,

In this issue after a long hiatus, I have added some new feature topics as well.  For the home, it’s about “bringing nature indoors with plants” and how doing “room edits / decluttering” and give your life and spaces a long overdue boost! For inspiration, let’s talk about “Growing what you love” and the “Power of journaling“.  Newly added it’s about growth and change as I write about the three way connection between the “mind, body and spirit” and heading straight into “Difficult conversations” and how they have the power to beautifully transform and deepen relationships.

Plus more…..

In this issue of for inspiration:  Cultivating “simplicity” in our homes and lives, as well as seeing “the gifts” in difficult changes. For the home:  Bringing “new life” in old interiors and why creating a sacred space is “good for your soul

Plus more….

Who doesn’t love springtime?  In this issue, for the home, it’s all about the “Love of flowers” and “How to brighten up your spaces“. For inspiration, it’s about why “failing” is so necessary and how “taking chances” are the best leaps forward!

Plus more…

In this first issue of “The Santa Rosa Charm”, for the home, I share “amazing paint colors” and “how to create an accent wall“.  For inspiration, I talk about “the benefits of yoga and meditation” and how our “connection to others” has been made even more valuable from the pandemic.

Plus more…