Tips & Inspiration

This page is devoted to showing you how to create certain looks in your home.  One side will be “how to” videos, which I will explain how to do things from furniture layouts to making a beautiful bed!  The other side of this page is a list of products for the home, with everything from bedding, kitchen items, furniture and more.  These items listed are either items I have bought and used or they come recommended from my clients.

I hope you find these things useful and be sure to check back as this list will grow!  Have fun making a beautiful home!


How To Layout Patio Furniture

This video shows you how to layout a sitting and dining area on a deck, complete with area rugs and decor.  Filmed in high speed motion, with my little yorkie, Bentley following me, I explain exactly what I do and what I chose, including the added decor and rug sizes.  The links for some products are listed as well.

Product Ideas

Patio Decor and Rugs

Laying out a patio area correctly will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the space, for both dining and relaxing. Here are my recommendations for some of the pieces I have chosen for this space.

  • Patio Sets  –  I chose Amazon for this sitting area patio set, which they have a variety of sets to choose from.  “Amazon “Patio Sets
  • Dining Table  –  For outdoor dining, I recommend “Home Depot Outdoor Dining
  • Area Rugs  –  I love CostPlus/World Market for their jute area rugs, which come in many sizes and are perfect for outdoors!  “World Market Area Rugs
  • Water Feature  –  This has been my favorite outdoor water feature. It has a beautiful sound and doesn’t splash!   “Alpine Water Feature” from Amazon.
  • Throw Pillows  –  Home Goods is one of the best places to find throw pillows for just about anything.  For your best bet, shop in store!

How To Make a Fabulous Bed

In this video I breakdown exactly how to layer a bed, from sheets to shams and throw pillows as well as comforter.  I also explain how to create balance in your bedroom as well as lamp sizes and decor above the bed.

Bedding Recommendations

Bedding has long been an obsession of mine.  I have tried many products in trying to achieve not only luxury and comfort, but also value in what I purchase.  Here are my recommendations for wonderful bedding as well as links to these products.

Vacation Rental Re-design

Showcasing this beautiful vacation rental in Cloverdale, CA, this video captures some before and after pictures of the redesign.  Having gone through and extensive remodel and redesign of the interior pieces, this home exudes elegance and charm, capturing the essence of its beautiful location in Northern California’s “wine country”.

Setting Up a Vacation Rental

When it comes to setting up a vacation rental, you really want to create a wonderful experience for your guests.   The layout of your home is one of the first things to get right.  You want it to feel spacious and comfortable.  No clutter.

If you have a chosen theme, like my client in Cloverdale did, that works best.  Her choice was vintage and she had been collecting from estate sales and consignment stores for 2 years.  The pieces she chose all go beautifully together, especially for such a beautiful and historic home.

When it came to the bedding, she chose elegance but still maintained a budget.  Window panels were all purchased from Pottery Barn.

Additional items and decor, came from Home Goods as well as Target.